Manual of Good Practices for Judicial Reorganization

Daniel Carnio Costa, Alexandre Nasser de Melo


This article has the aspiration to analyze the best possible practices in Judicial Reorganization of all agents involved, being them the Judge, the Judicial Administrator or Lawyers.

In addition, it will also make a thorough investigation on the reflexes of conjoined activities of these professionals under the scope of Judicial Reorganization.

In that manner, it is necessary to conceptualize the obligations, powers and duties of all those agents that integrate insolvency litigations, including third parties who might have interests in the dispute.

It is also an objective of this study to demonstrate the numerous procedures difficulties found in the unravel of litigations, as well as to propose ways to facilitate the conjoined activity of the Judicial Administrator, Judges, creditors and companies in Reorganization, that allows the resolution of such issues in an agile and effective manner, steering the Judicial Reorganization to a success or to a swift award of bankruptcy at the appropriate time, avoiding social costs.

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