Previous Examination - An Analysis of its Applicability

Felipe Pustilnick, Alexandre Nasser de Melo, Nailia Aguado Ribeiro Franco, Nicolas Macedo de Richter


The objective of this article is to demonstrate, besides the phatic crisis of the Brazilian economy, the function, the applicability and limits to the power conceived by Law to the Judge when designating the Previous Examination on the proceedings of Judicial Reorganization and also to demonstrate the influences that this may cause in its factual and legal aspects. 

Before entering the practical aspects of the Previous Examination, it is necessary a brief contextualisation about the economic crisis in Brazil and also an analysis of the Judicial Reorganization as a mechanism to overcome the economic and financial crises which are affecting Brazilian Companies. 

Using a historical and legal background, this article analyzes practical aspects of the Previous Examination and its effectiveness in improving the proceedings by verifying the empirical data when deciding whether to rule in favor of the Judicial Reorganization.

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