Some thoughts on the use of statistical sampling in legal research

Carlos N. Bouzza-Herrera


[extract] Much of legal research is based on discovering facts through analyzing a lot of papers. Electronically Stored Information (ESI) poses issues on using data stored electronically. With the increase of data volumes, a need of reducing costs, without violating the accepted assumptions poses urgently mid changes in the law firms. The reduction of costs should not be solved by using “low‐cost lawyers”.This paper discusses on the use of Technology Assisted Review and Statistical Sampling for retrieving information and some examples are discussed for illustrating. A broad definition of legal research is that: it is a process which looks for identifying and retrieving what is needed for supporting legal decision-making. Hence, we may consider that it starts with the analysis of the facts on a particular and ends with the binomial application-communication of the results of the investigation.

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