PROMETEA: Artificial Intelligence to Transform Public Organizations

Juan Gustavo Corvalán


We are going through the Fourth Industrial Revolution that places us in a scenario of profound transformation in what we do and in what we are. This monumental change, in essence, responds to two major intertwined phenomena: 1) the radical mutation of the time and space notions from massive use of (ICT) and 2) new ways of data and information processing within many activities that before could only be done by our brains.

Faced with these vertiginous and disruptive scenarios, public institutions are facing multiple risks, challenges and opportunities: How to adapt them when your designis based on an industrial world without internet,digital platforms, social networks, Artificial Intelligence systems and robots? How can one take advantage of the emerging technologies to transform the printed bureaucracy into an authentic digital Government, Administration and Justice transformation? How to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence in order to begin a transition towards an intelligent bureaucracy? How do you alphabetize and create digital and AI competences, so that this whole approach is based on, by and for, improving people’s lives? And how to make automation, intelligent assistance and AI predictions, be accompanied by an inclusive approach towards the public worker? In a few fords, the answers to the seand other questions, is crystallized in the four points of the expanded presentation of the Artificial Intelligence system “Prometea” before the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States.

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