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Vol. 2 (2015) Academic Freedom, the Presumption of Openness, and Privacy Résumé DOC (English) PDF (English) HTML (English)
Amy Gajda
Vol. 2 (2015) Access to Information in the UK and India Résumé DOC (English) PDF (English) HTML (English)
Ben Worthy
Vol. 2 (2015) Access to National Security Information under the US Freedom of Information Act Résumé DOC (English) PDF (English) HTML (English)
Stephen J. Schulhofer
Vol. 2 (2015) Accountability or participation? Disentangling the rationales for FOI access to deliberative material Résumé DOC (English) PDF (English) HTML (English)
Judith Bannister
Vol. 2 (2015) Beware the Unintended Consequences: Government Transparency, Racial Data Collection, and Minority Rights in the United States and Abroad Résumé DOC (English) PDF (English) HTML (English)
Lia Epperson
Vol. 3 (2016) Citizen Participation Facing the Transparency Challenge Résumé DOC (English) PDF (English) HTML (English)
Attila Péterfalvi
Vol. 3 (2016) Citizen Participation in an Internet Era Résumé DOC (English) PDF (English) HTML (English)
Russell L. Weaver
Vol. 3 (2016) Citizens’ Participation and Gamification – Lessons Learnt from Previous and Recent Participation Boosts in Germany Résumé DOC (English) PDF (English) HTML (English)
Kai Masser, Linda Mory
Vol. 2 (2015) Domestic Surveillance of Public Activities and Transactions with Third Parties: Melding European and American Approaches Résumé DOC (English) PDF (English) HTML (English)
Christopher Slobogin
Vol. 3 (2016) Drawing Up a New Legal Ecosystem for Open Data to Improve Citizen Participation and Collaboration Résumé DOC (English) PDF (English) HTML (English)
William Gilles, Irène Bouhadana
Vol. 2 (2015) Entitlement to Public Records: Beyond Citizenship Résumé DOC (English) PDF (English) HTML (English)
Bernard W. Bell
Vol. 3 (2016) E-Rulemaking’s Democratic Transformation: Anticipated, Actual, and Potential Résumé DOC (English) PDF (English) HTML (English)
Michael Herz
Vol. 2 (2015) Financial Transparency of Local Governments in Eastern EU Countries Résumé DOC (English) PDF (English) HTML (English)
Vicente Pina, Miroslav Ivanov, Lourdes Torres
Vol. 2 (2015) Free Speech, Transparency, and Democratic Government: an American Perspective Résumé DOC (English) PDF (English) HTML (English)
Russell L. Weaver
Vol. 2 (2015) Freedom of Information and Open Government in Denmark: Progress or deterioration ? Résumé DOC (English) PDF (English) HTML (English)
Helle Krunke
Vol. 2 (2015) From The Right to Transparency to Open Government in a Digital Era. A French Approach Résumé DOC (English) PDF (English) HTML (English)
William Gilles
Vol. 3 (2016) Interest Convergence and the Role of Citizens as Defenders of Privacy Résumé DOC (English) PDF (English) HTML (English)
Steven I. Friedland
Vol. 2 (2015) Journalist, Terrorist or Counter-terrorist? The Perils of Investigative Journalism Post-9/11 Résumé DOC (English) PDF (English) HTML (English)
Clive Walker
Vol. 3 (2016) New Challenges in the European Food Regulation: Paradigm Shifts for Supporting Post-Crisis Resilience to Environmental Risks Résumé DOC (English) PDF (English) HTML (English)
Lara Fornabaio, Margherita Poto
Vol. 2 (2015) Public Tools for Open Governance: Review of RTI Act and Social Media in Indian Context Résumé DOC (English) PDF (English)
Charru Malhotra
Vol. 2 (2015) Recent case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Union on public access to documents: Regulation (EG) No.1049/2001 and beyond Résumé DOC (English) PDF (English) HTML (English)
Uta Biskup, Wolfgang Rosch
Vol. 3 (2016) Soft-law mechanisms, hard institutional impacts: how the European Ombudsman is enhancing the European Central Bank’s transparency framework Résumé DOC (English) PDF (English) HTML (English)
Camila Villard Duran
Vol. 2 (2015) Sunshine's chill: Overbroad American Open Meetings Laws and the Limits of Disclosure Résumé DOC (English) PDF (English) HTML (English)
Steven J. Mulroy
Vol. 3 (2016) The Criminal Jury, Nullfication, and Open Governance Résumé DOC (English) PDF (English) HTML (English)
Jenny E. Carroll
Vol. 3 (2016) The European Union and the Citizens of Europe Résumé DOC (English) PDF (English) HTML (English)
Stephanie Schiedermair
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