Artificial Intelligence Applied To The Legal Proceedings: The Brazilian Experience

Daniel Willian Granado


[extract] Artificial intelligence applied to the legal proceedings is able to facilitate the processing of these proceedings and allows the verification of data and information more quickly and effectively. This technology applied to the judicial system ensures greater agility in the processing of proceedings through the mechanization of some tasks previously performed by public servants, which meant more time. 

In addition to the mechanization procedures performed by people, the artificial intelligence applied to the legal proceedings also ensures the verification of data, providing greater security with respect to the information provided in the proceedings. One of the ways artificial intelligence does this is by reading and verifying documents that are in the proceedings, pointing out possible fraudulent documents. This not only facilitates defense, it also prevents the filing of new claims. 

On the other hand, artificial intelligence applied to the legal proceedings guarantees the digital processing of these procedures, allowing greater access to Justice for the population, increasing access to information and consequently to decisions rendered by the Judiciary, ensuring greater control by citizens of the acts executed by the Public Power, in the judicial sphere.

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