Administrative-Legal Regulation Of Access To Information On The Activities Of The Authorities

Nataliya Kovaleva


[extract] Ensuring the right of citizens to access information about the activities of government bodies and the provision of high-quality state and municipal services to the population is impossible without effective information and communication development, as a result of which high-quality and affordable state and municipal services are provided to everyone. Achieving the information openness of authorities is the imperative of development of the informatization and intercommunication in the Russia. One of the most promising areas for ensuring the information openness of government activities is the development and use of global information networks, primarily the Internet. In terms of Internet accessibility, Russia is inferior today not only to developed, but also to many developing countries. This is explained by the preservation of significant informational imparity between different regions, sectors of the economy, educational institutions and citizens. However, the problem is not only that. The idea that the introduction of information and communication technologies in itself improves the quality of public administration and interaction with the population is not quite right, since the main thing in this process is not a technique to access information, but the availability of publicly available information resources.

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