Artificial Intelligence and Work – Building a New Employment Paradigm

Juan Gustavo Corvalán, Luis Cevasco, Enzo Maria Le Fevre Cervini


This book is the result of the work done within the scope of the Innovation and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the School of Law of the University of Buenos Aires and the Public Prosecutor ́s Office of the City of Buenos Aires. Apart from promoting the development of the artificial intelligence Prometea, we will investigate and analyze the impact of artificial intelligence within the general interests of society, a project that takes place within the framework of a more extensive work linked to the impact of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). We would like to thank and highlight the collaboration of Melisa Raban, Gustavo Sa Zeichen, Inés Iribarne, Julián Palumbo, Denise Ciraudo, Fiorella Vigo, Carina Papini, Antonella Stringhini, Victoria Vázquez and Estefanía Mullally. Also, we are very grateful to Matías Puig, for his work in the development and expansion of Prometea. To William Gilles and Irene Bouhadara, world references, for their work and dedication to encourage the relationship between ICT and human rights.

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