Social Innovation and Cities: Synergies between SDGs, Innovative Policies and European projects



Metropolitan cities trying to respond to a locally-embedded global challenge: to implement a sustainable use of natural resources in order to avoid potential dramatic environmental scenarios. Metropolitan Cities could become a front-runner city in this field, if it demonstrates to be able to support its existing adaptive and transformative governance capacities. The goals and results achieved in the on-going Metropolitan City EU funded projects are described as “soft” policy tools for describing the thesis argued in the paper. Circular Economy, Green Economy (Green growth) and Bio economy have a common finalistic aspect: find a common ground for both economic, environmental and social goals. The Metropolitan Strategic Plan could represent a significant model for other Public Bodies. Indeed, this case study aims at demonstrating how strategic lines of intervention in trans-sectorial policies may be identified, such as for instance those related to the development of Circular Economy. The borders of Metropolitan cities functional urban area bound all the paper findings. The political recommendations stated represent an inspiring case study on how economic development can materialize in vision-oriented and strategically planned interventions.

Biographie de l'auteur

Marino Cavallo, Université de Bologne

Professeur adjoint d'administration des entreprises à l'université de Bologne. Il enseigne les méthodologies des projets européens et la responsabilité sociale des entreprises au département des sciences politiques et sociales de l'université de Bologne. Professeur adjoint d'évaluation économique des produits et d'évaluation de la conception à l'université de Ferrare. Il a dirigé et coordonné des recherches et des études au niveau national et européen sur des questions de communication, de systèmes éducatifs et de formation professionnelle, d'économie et de planification du développement. Il est membre du conseil scientifique de l'International Journal of Open Governments, publié par Imodev, Paris, et il est journaliste.




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Cavallo, M. (2023). Social Innovation and Cities: Synergies between SDGs, Innovative Policies and European projects. Revue Internationale Des Gouvernements Ouverts, 12, 13–29. Consulté à l’adresse[]=467
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